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Dark Circles

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage

Laura Mercier Secret Concealers

Bobbi Brown Retouching Powder (yellow)

I am frequently asked about concealer products, so I thought i'd share tips and techniques, suffering myself with dark circles, I have tried many products over the years. Covering hyper-pigmentation (dark circles) is very difficult, as grey areas 'bleed' back through the make up, much the same as tattoo colours would.You need to firstly try and put some warmth back into the skin, an orange base, or even a red tone, such as rose is the first step. I find both the longevity and texture of Laura Mercier to be fantastic.

Warm the product with your finger and very gently pat underneath the eye area, building up the colour. Don't go too close to the eye as when products warm they travel upwards - this is when creasing can occur. Also, don't be afraid to use these colours, as strange as they'll look on the skin. They will disappear. After applying your rose / orange correcter, apply the camouflage makeup; one shade lighter than your usual skin tone. The Camouflage make up has two colours, you could get your skin tone in one side, and the orange corrector in the other. This does appear to be a hard product to work with at first, as it is quite dry until it's warmed up, to do this use the heat from your finger.

Apply thin layers and very lightly powder in between with Bobbi Browns 'retouching powder' in yellow. Don't use a translucent powder as this can undo all your hard work, and give the skin an Ash (grey) tone. Apply up to three layers if required, and then use the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer, just one application is needed. This is a stickier product and can be set in the same way. Don't forget to finish with a light coverage of powder, as any shine on the skin will enhance the problem area.

It seems as though the result would be thick and creased, even chalky on such a delicate are, but it isn't. It's revolutionary!

Always use at least SPF15 on your skin, it will stop pigmentation getting darker.

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